Be part of the Premier League Rabat 2023 is becoming a delight for those who have the opportunity to be present at this WKF event, attention, comfort, facility for athletes and training to appear on the tatami with the best guarantees of being at the level that an event of these characteristics deserves.

The small team from Austria continues its level of performance ascending this year 2023.

Bettina Plank (-50kg) led her group and made it to the quarterfinals again. The Olympic bronze medalist won their group with victories over Argentina’s Yamila Benítez (1: 0) and Chile’s Magdalena Godoy (3: 2).
In the quarterfinals, she lost to the Spanish Nadia Gómez (1: 3) in a fight very different from the last continental championship.
Plank showed, throughout the competition, a level of competitiveness and freshness that advances her in preparing her for the most important events of the year. 7 final place and 330 ranking points.

Stefan Pokorny (-75kg) started the group stage with a (4: 7) on the side of Mitchell Durham (AUS), but then secured second place in the group stage with a draw (4: 4) against Nurkanat Azhikanov ( KAZ) top2 in the world ranking. Pokorny scored a valuable 150 ranking points.

Lejla Topalovic (-61kg) performed well again. The 22-year-old showed a good performance in her second Premier League appearance after the (5:1) loss to Giulia Angelucci (ITA) bounced back with (8:0) against Deepika (IND) and finished her round robin with a tie (0:0) with the Moroccan Fatima Chajai.

Premier League RABAT (MAR) – 12.-14.05.2023

Athletes: 344 Countries: 53

Bettina PLANK (AUT – Oberösterreich) -50kg – 7th – bouts: 3-2 (CHI); 1-0 (ARG) – 1st rr; 1-3 (ESP) quarterfinal – (30) athletes (21) countries –

Lejla TOPALOVIC (AUT – Oberösterreich) -61kg – bouts: 1-5 (ITA); 8-0 (IND); 0-0 (MAR) – 3rd rr – (31) athletes (22) countries –

Stefan POKORNY (AUT – Salzburg) -50kg – 7th – bouts: 3-2 (CHI); 1-0 (ARG) – 1st rr; 1-3 (ESP) quarterfinal – (31) athletes (20) countries –

Coaches AUT: BT Juan Luis BENITEZ CARDENES. Physio: Teja KONCINA. Sportdirector: Martin KREMSER.

Photos: Martin KREMSER – mk_lionseries –

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