Davyd YANOVSKYI adds his second medal in the Karate 1 Youth League, BRONZE Porec 2022 (u18) and GOLD A Coruña 2023 (u21).

The ukrainian competitor who has his training base at the Olympiazentrum Oberösterreich – Linz had a long and difficult path until he was able to climb to the top of the podium in the Youth League A Coruña.
In the first round, he went through Kocandrle (CZE) by default, then Alves (POR) won 4-0, in a difficult confrontation he got rid of the top 5 and Pan-American champion Gamez (VEN) 2-0, he won the next one by senshu 1-1 to Baliotis (GRE) in the quarterfinals, in the semifinal he beat (FRA) 3-0, to end up winning an intelligent tactical approach to Kosmrlj (SLO) and thus win his first title on the Youth League world circuit.

Yanovskyi was excellently led by his national coach Denis Krylovsky, now the young athlete adds to his list of (4) top medals in the last year, Gold A Coruña 2023 (Youth League), Silver Jakarta 2022 (Series A), Bronze Porec 2022 (Youth League ) and Gold Prague 2022 (EKF).

Nichita GRIGORASENCO u18 -76kg, lost in the third round due to two consecutive penalties in the last 10 seconds that left his clear 5-2 advantage against the Italian Bozzi (ITA) in vain. The young competitor by passed the first round and beat Diaz (ESP) 4-3 in the second round.


Emma SCHÜTZE (Salzburg) fought her way to the u18 +66kg small final, but lost it after a 9:9 win against Senshu. The U18 athlete, like his compatriot Armin Selimovic (u16 70+kg), just missed out on the podium in 5th place. Tobias Fleisch (u16 -63kg) was 7th, Marcus Lang (u18 -55kg) 9th.

Emma Schütze delivered the best red-white-red performance. After a strong elimination, the Salzburger only failed in the semifinals against world No. 2 Daria Bulay (Ukr), then in the small final she showed an offensive firework against the Portuguese Eva Flores after falling behind, she made the 9: 9, but lost the bronze to Senshu (first point lead). For the 17-year-old, it was the second best result of her career after the U16 bronze medal in Porec/Croatia in 2021.

Armin Selimovic (+70kg) narrowly missed out on the small final. The u16 athlete lost to local hero Angel Turpin 6:7. The 15-year-old sports high school student Tobias Fleisch (-63kg/U16) had already failed in the first round against eventual gold medalist Nazarii Ozoruba from Ukraine with 3:11. With victories in the consolation round against the Greek Petres Karras (6:4) and the Croatian Batol Kadic (2:2) and the narrow defeat by decision of a judge against the Portuguese Afonso Pereira (3:3), the Vorarlberger was left 7th in the final. The teammates got good places too; Marcus Lang (Vienna) (u18 -55 kg) 9th place, Andreas Nitz (Vorarlberg) (u18 -68 kg) 13th palce. In kata Felix Wagner (Vorarlberg) (Kata u18) and Tamara Lehner (Burgerland) (Kata u16) reached the third round, thus completing a good result in Karate Austria, taking a step forward in quality and decision.

Youth League A CORUÑA (ESP) – 27.-30.04.2023

Athletes: 2.198 Countries: 64

Davyd YANOVSKYI (UKR – OÖ) u21 -67kg – GOLDbouts: bye (CZE); 4-0 (POR); 2-0 (VEN); s1-1 (GRE); 3-0 (FRA); H0-0 (SLO) – (52) athletes (26) countries –

Nichita GRIGORASENCO (MOL – OÖ) u18 -76kg – bouts: bye; 3-2 (ESP) h5-2 ITA) – (65) athletes (36) countries

Ceylin CETIN (AUT – Salzburg) u16 -54kg – bouts: 8-0 (IRL); 8-3 (ESP); 0-2 (UKR) – (87) athletes (26) countries –

Tobias FLEISCH (AUT – Vorarlberg) u16 -63Kg – 7th – bouts: 3-11 (UKR); 6-4 (GRE); s2-2 (cro); 3-3H (POR) – (74) athletes (30) countries –

Pascal PLATISA (AUT – Vorarlberg) u16 -70kg – bouts: 0-2 (MNE) – (62) athletes (29) countries –

Armin SELIMOVIC (AUT – Salzburg) u16 70+kg – 5th – bouts: bye; 11-2 (ESP); 5-3 (CRO); 4-12 (FRA); 12-6 (UKR); 6-7 (ESP) – (45) athletes (20) countries –

Magdalena TOPAL (AUT – Salzburg) u18 -59kg – bouts: bye; 4-0 (ENG); 1-1s (FRA) – (71) athletes (23) countries –

Sara SKRIJELJ (AUT – Vorarlberg) u18 -59kg – bouts: bye; 1-6 (POL) – (71) athletes (23) countries –

Emma SCHÜTZE (AUT – Salzburg) u18 +66kg – 5th – bouts: bye; 4-1 (ITA); 7-4 (MAR); 0-7 (UKR); 9-9s (POR) – (28) athletes (20) countries –

Marcus LANG (AUT – Wien) u18 -55kg – 9th – bouts: 8-1 (ESP); 1-6 (BEL); 2-3 (UKR) – (71) athletes (23) countries –

Andreas NITZ (AUT – Vorarlberg) u18 -68kg – 13th – bouts: 3-6 (ITA); 4-6 (ESP) – (88) athletes (30) countries –

Vincent KLEINEKATHÖFER (AUT – Vorarlberg) u18 76+kg – bouts: 6-1 (ENG); 2-7 (CRO) – (51) athletes (22) countries –

Jakob KLEINEKATHÖFER (AUT – Vorarlberg) u18 76+kg – bouts: 2-9 (UKR) – (51) athletes (22) countries –

Hanna DEVIGILI (AUT – Vorarlberg) u21 -68kg – bouts: 0-2 (ITA) – (22) athletes (16) countries –

Nina SCHUSTER (AUT – Salzburg) u21 68+kg – bouts: 3-4 (ESP) – (19) athletes (11) countries –

Coaches AUT: BT Kumite Matjaz KONCINA, BT Kumite Sonja ANDERL, Coach Vorarlberg Andreas KLEINEKATHÖFER, Coach Vorarlberg Gerhard GRAFONER; BT Kata Balazs LAKNER

Photos: Martin KREMSER. Information Karate Austria: Karate Austria

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