Upper Austria participated with (5) athletes in the Lion Cup 2024 that took place in Luxembourg, perhaps one of the international competitions in central Europe with such organizational quality.

The good work, the quality and the aroma of tranquility that is breathed in the city gives the participants the peace of mind to savor this type of tournaments, 651 athletes from 21 countries competed in the 2024 edition.

Oleksandr CHEBAN (u16 -63kg) was sensational in a new category, he won 7-0 (NED) 8-0 (SUIBEL) 4-3 (BEL) and 6-4 in an exciting final against local competitor Todorovic (LUX).

Mykyta HRIHORASHENKO (u21 -75kg) got on the podium with the bronze medal after a loss in the first round 1-4 (LUX) and was able to react in time to defeat 2-0 (SUI) and 0-0 (SUI) by kiken.

Lorenz WINTERSPERGER (u18 -61kg) had the medal in his hand with 30 seconds left in the bronze medal match, he was winning 1-0, but a stop gave the swedish the chance to take the lead with an Ura Mawashi Geri. Wintersperger had won 1-0 (BEL) and the semi-final fell 0-0 (IRL) by Hantei.

Mykyta HRIHOSASHENKO 5. (-75KG), Werner MAYR 5. (u18 76+kg) and Andreas ACKERBAUER 7. (u16 -52kg) who is clear upward progression touched metal.

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