LZ LEAGUE 2023 – T1 – Olympiazentrum OÖ Linz

Karate Oberösterreich promotes a new edition of the LZ League, with the estimable collaboration of the Olympiazentrum OÖ, it will begin with Tournament 1 this Friday, March 17.

This new edition, after the one held in 2021 and 2022, will have (3) levels – BASIC, STARTED, ADVANCED – in the male and female categories.

The BASIC level will have two tests: karate skill circuit and kumite round robin system.

The STARTED and ADVANCED level will be carried out by the round robin system.

(27) BASIC level athletes (21) STARTED level athletes (18) ADVANCED level athletes will learn from their own experiences with the help of their teammates and coaches.

In short, a total of (66) athletes representing LZ UpperAustria and FitghClub – Czech Republic – wish to enjoy and learn on the tatami.

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