On Saturday the 10th at Karateraum – Olympiazantrum Oberösterreich Linz – a new edition of the LZ LEAGUE OBERÖSTERREICH began with Turnier 1. Athletes from (9) clubs from all over Upper Austria carried out a joint training session led by Thomas Schell and Juan Luis Benitez as a prelude to Turnier 1 of the LZ LEAGUE 2024 OBERÖSTERREICH.

(34) young talents who developed their skills in the (43) fights that delighted a large group of parents who attended with enthusiasm to see the learning and development of the young karatekas.

The young athletes were organized into groups depending on their age (u10, u12, u14, u16, u18), gender (male and female) and level of practice (basic, starter, advanced). Through the round robin system, the young talents had the opportunity to perform between 2 – 4 fights each one, which gave them a final score for the ranking of each category, of 4 ranking points (per bout won by a maximum score of 8 points). 3 ranking points (per bout won), 2 ranking points (per bout tied) and 1 ranking point (per bout lost). The work as educators – referees of Andrej Tvrdon and Denis Huskic was essential to enhance the creativity and initiative of the daring athletes.

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